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First National Bank in Marlow/Comanche
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CD and Savings Rates

What rates are you currently offering on CD's and IRA's? 
  • 6 Month CD 3.10% APY 
  • 12 Month CD 3.20% APY 
  • 18 Month CD  2.70% APY 
  • 24 Month CD 4.05% APY 
  • 36 Month CD 3.38% APY 
  • 48 Month CD 3.38% APY 
  • 60 Month CD 3.38% APY

What rates are you currently offering on Savings & Savings Plus? 

  • Savings 0.30% APY 
  • Savings Plus 0.65% APY (Minimum balance $5,000)

Truth In Savings Disclosure

How does your Certificate of Deposits pay interest? 


The interest rate (APR) for your account is ______with an annual percentage yield of ______. You will be paid this rate until the maturity date of the certificate. Your certificate will mature _____months from the date of purchase. The annual percentage yield (APY) assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings. 

Interest for your account will be paid quarterly and added to your balance. 

Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit any noncash item (for example, checks). 

MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIREMENTS (It depends on length of CD) 

You must deposit ________to open this account. 

You must maintain a balance of ________in your account everyday to obtain the annual percentage yield listed above. 


We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. We use the 365 day year base. 


After the account is opened, you may not make deposits into or withdrawals from the account until the maturity date. 


If you withdraw any principal before the maturity date, a penalty equal to one month or 3 month's interest earned will be charged. Depending on the length of the certificate. 


This account will be automatically renewed at maturity. You have a grace period of 10 calendar days after the maturity date to withdraw the funds without being charged a penalty. 
This account will NOT be automatically renewed at maturity. You will NOT continue to earn interest after the maturity date.

Account Access & Balance Questions

How do I open, close, or make changes to my accounts? 

Please contact First National Bank in Marlow at 580-658-5457 or visit us at 301 W. Main St., Marlow, Ok 73055.

How can I view my account balance information online? 

You can access account balance information by following these steps: 

  1. Sign on to with password. 
  2. Select Activity from the drop down menu button for the specific account you wish to view. 
  3. You will see a variety of data on the financial condition of your account including transactions, download, statements, stop payments, and transfers.

How much account history can I view online? 

Deposit account histories are available online for up to 90 days.

About Online Banking

First National Bank in Marlow is proud to offer our customers a comprehensive suite of internet banking services through our FNB Online service. 

FNB Online is a combination of basic internet banking services and online bill pay services. 

The purpose of FNB Online is to offer innovative tools that enable our customers to perform a variety of basic banking functions at their personal convenience.

Username Questions

Do I get to select my own username or do you assign one? 

We will assign you a username for your initial login to FNB Online. After your initial login you have the option to create your own ID username (see next question for more information).

How do I get my own personalized username? 

After you sign in to FNB Online, select 'Options Tab' from the 'FNB Online' drop down menu button. From the 'Personal Options' page select 'Create/Change FNB Online ID (Alias)'.

What do I do if I forget my username? 

Contact First National Bank in Marlow at 580-658-5457.

What happens if I lose or forget my ID or PIN? 

At this time there is not a separate ID and PIN for Bill Pay. If you lose/forget your ID or PIN, you may call Customer Service and with proper identification, your ID or a temporary Pin will be given to you.

FNB Bill Pay Questions

How do I sign up for FNB Bill Pay? 

Contact First National Bank in Marlow at 580-658-5457. 

Whom can I pay through Online Bill Payment? 

You can pay anyone in the United States from your next-door neighbor; to your utility company; to your bank; to a child in college across the country.

How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment? 

You may add, edit, or delete a payment up to 2:00 AM CST on the day the payment is scheduled to be sent. If a same day payment is submitted between 2:00 AM CST and Noon CST it may be edited up until Noon CST.

What happens if I have a scheduled payment that fall over a weekend or a holiday? 

If a SCHEDULED payment falls on a holiday or weekend, it will be paid on the Friday BEFORE the weekend, or the last working day BEFORE the holiday.

Are there any merchants that I cannot pay through FNB Bill Pay? 

No. Any merchant that is on Princeton's database can go electronically. If a merchant is not on the list you may send the payment as a check. Make sure that you enter your merchant account number exactly the way it appears on your bill. If you choose a merchant on the electronic database that requires an address match, choose the correct remittance address listed on your bill.

Can I use FNB Online Bill Payment if I live outside the United States? 

Yes, as long as you have a bank account located in the United States. However, you cannot pay bills to payees located outside the United States.

How long is history retained in the 'View Payment History' section? 

Payment history for active and deleted payees is retained and viewable indefinitely until further notice.

Payee Information

What is a 'payee', as it relates to FNB Bill Pay? 

A payee is anyone to whom you would pay a bill or send a check. The most common payees include utility companies, your landlord, mortgage company, department stores, and credit card companies. Payees also can include individuals such as the person who mows the lawn, the local grocery store, and your favorite charitable organization.

How many payees may I have set up? 

There is no limit to the amount of payees you can set up through the Internet.

When will the money be taken out of my account to fund bills paid through FNB Bill Pay? 

For an ELECTRONIC PAYMENT, funds are debited the same day that the payment is sent, providing it is sent by 12:00 Noon CST. Electronic payments submitted after 12:00 Noon CST are debited the next day during bill pay processing. 

CHECK payment funds are debited from the account when the check clears your account at the bank.

What if I do not have enough money in my account? 

CHECK payments are handled in the same manner as a check written out of your checkbook against an insufficient balance. 

ELECTRONIC payments are verified for funds availability during processing. If the funds are available, the account that you selected for the payment will be debited and the information sent on to Princeton for processing. If the funds are not available, the payment will not be processed and you will receive a message to inform you that the payment could not be sent due to insufficient funds. Each day the payment will be resubmitted for you until you delete the payment or the funds are in the account to make the payment.

Can I edit vendor addresses? 

No. Once an address is entered it stays with that payee. If you need to change an address it will be necessary to recreate the payee using the new address.

How do I know if a payee is electronic or check? 

Once you have set up the payee, then you can look at the PAYEE LIST screen and you will see a field that will tell you if the payee is electronic or check.

What payment frequencies are available? 

You can set up payments in the following frequencies: 

  • Weekly 
  • Bi-Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Semi-monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Annually 
  • Semi-annually 

Will the memo field that I fill out when setting up a payment be passed on to the merchant? 

Yes, your memo will appear on paper check bill payments. The memo field is 40 characters long. Any amount over 40 characters will be cut off. Memo field information will not appear on electronic payments.

Payment Information

Payment Due Date 

The due date is the day your payment must be received by the payee, not including your grace period. The due date is usually located in the bill you receive in the mail from the payee.

How far in advance should I set up a payment to insure it is paid on time? 

For an ELECTRONIC PAYMENT, allow 3 to 4 business days from when the payment is submitted. For a CHECK payment-the check will be in the mail on the same day the payment is submitted if it is submitted before the 2 a.m. processing. If the check payment is entered before 12:00 Noon CST, the check will be mailed the following morning. Allow 5 to 7 business days for a check payment.

Are there any minimum and maximum payment amounts? 

Electronic payments are validated against the available account balance prior to processing, and check payments settle against your account like any other check, therefore, there is no dollar limitation on payments made through PowerPay. You are limited only by the amount of funds in your account.

What is the 'scheduled Date'? 

The 'scheduled date' is the day you would like FNB Bill Pay to start the process of sending your money to the payee.

Can I postdate a single payment? 

Yes. Just set the payment date for a valid future date.

Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day? 

At this time, there is nothing that checks for multiple payments for the same amount going to the same vendor on the same day.

Can I stop payment? 

Yes. You will need to call Customer Service. After the check is printed and mailed, payment history will show the check number for that payment. The stop payment would be added in the same manner as for a regular check written out of your checkbook. ELECTRONIC payments cannot be stopped.

On the Payment History page, what does the "Status" field indicate? 

Following is a table of the available status values and their associated definitions: 

  • Processed - The payment has been processed and sent. 
  • Rejected NSF - The payment that you have tried sending has rejected due to Non-sufficient funds. 
  • Communication Failure - There was an error due to communication problems. 
  • Vendor Refund - Payment rejected at PrincetonE-Com.

When can you edit the dollar amount on a scheduled recurring payment? 

You may edit the dollar amount the next business day AFTER the scheduled payment date.

Can I postdate recurring payments? 

If a monthly recurring payment is set up to be paid on the 15th and the current date is November 12th, a payment will be scheduled for the month of November and set up to occur the 15th of every month until the end date is reached. However, if the payment is set up to be paid on the 15th and the current date is November 16th, the first payment will occur on December 15th.